Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Create a Foyer

Are you faced with a front door that opens directly into the living room? Not a terrible situation, but not ideal. Guests who enter do not have a place to stop and be welcomed before being “launched” into your home.

Building a wall to create a formal entry foyer is usually not an option. In most cases that would only make the living room very small. Luckily, you can work wonders with furniture! 

In the room below we used a bookcase to create a divider. We happened to have one that opened on both sides so we could use baskets and accessories to make the entry and living room attractive.  If it only opened on one side, I would have faced the back to the living room and placed a piece of furniture against that side.

A long, narrow console table would also work very well as a room divider. What if you don’t have a bookcase or console table? Furniture placement can also do the job. Place a chair backed up to the foyer on an angle with a side table and lamp next to it.

A pretty rug, a light fixture  and a small table with a mirror or picture over it will also help make the entry feel special.

Welcome home!

Living Room/Foyer - Before

Living Room/Foyer - After

Foyer Light Fixture

Foyer Light Fixture

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