Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Staging does not mean stark!

Sometimes people go overboard staging their rooms and take all the cozy out of them!  Buyers want to picture themselves and their families living in a home. It is important to make your rooms look inviting.

This hallway served as a passageway from the front of the home to a small library and family room. The before picture looks like a few pieces of furniture were just placed there so the space would not be empty.

We did not have to do much to make it look like a real living space .. a picture on the wall, a little tea setup on a table, a reading chair with a lamp. Wouldn’t you like to spend time there?


Hallway - After


The small library was such a lovely space! A small grouping in front of the fireplace, a few accessories and change of rugs was all it took to transform this room.

Library - Before

Library - After










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